Income tax 2021: hand-in-help is available and applicable due dates

A new tax year started, so you can work on the Hand-in-Help income tax of 2021. Because the form is now online, we are ready!

Have you lost oversight over the information you need? The hand-in-help can aid you in this.

The hand-in-help supports you with the question what information we need for the declaration. The document contains several questions. If the question applies to you, below the question we state what information we need from you.

We would like to ask  to fill in the hand-in-help for income tax 2021and submit it to us. You can find the hand-in-help on the website of Lupacompany, under the heading 'for clients', or by clicking on  this link.

Due dates income tax


Due date

Normal tax return

 1st of May 2022

Foreign taxed person

 1st of July 2022

Private extention

 1st of September 2022

Extention via lupacompany

 1st of May 2023

We advise you to submit the hand in help to us as soon as possible to prevent any unnecessary tax interest. Read this article if you want to know more about the referral scheme of tax declaration.